2010 Monthly Rose Show Arrangement Theme: "Roses in the Arts"
 "Voice Lessons 

by Jolene Adams 

September 2010

Arrangement Class: Large Roses (200/222) 


"Oklahoma "


A stabile design showing motion. 


Arrangement Class: Small Roses (300/333) 

 Ragtime "

A hanging design using miniature and/or miniflora roses.  No more than 10" in height, width, depth.

Special Horticultural Class: 


One (1) rose, the largest bloom in your garden, any variety.


Special Horticultural Class: 

 One (1) large rose and one (1) Mini or Miniflora rose of similar mirroring the large rose, exhibition form, each identified correctly, any variety, in separate containers.

 Novices may submit arrangement of any style.


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